Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hallowed friends--

It's possible to have an all-Rachel weekend this weekend, if you think you can take it. Can you? You tell me.

Friday night, at 8pm, catch a performance of my world-famous critical smash Sequins for Satan at Galapagos at 8pm.

Saturday night, catch me in CATCH, a performance series featuring many emerging and fully lucid artist at 7pm OR 9pm.

also at Galapagos. I can't leave.

And where is this place, I hear you cry. Weep no more, fair ones. I shall tell you.

Galapagos is located at 70 N.6th Street, between Wythe and Kent. Simply take the L train to Bedford Avenue, take a right on N.6th, and walk until you're there. There are drinks and friends and even and ATM machine. Just come.


Blogger Iam4Pikachu said...

i was hanging lights at ps122 when my ears caught the ringing syllables dropped together "rachel shukert"
there was talk of an amazing show, i didn't catch them to say !?!Rachel Shukert! THE Rachel Shukert?" Thanks to Gmail, I learned you are in Galapagos. If you ever return to Brooklyn, I should like to hang out, or see a show of yours.
Shaun Fillion

12:16 AM  

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