Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm BACK! Finally. From South Africa.

After a 36 hour journey, including an overnight stay in the lobby of London's Heathrow airport where a homeless man squeezed my leg and attempted to share my pillow/computer case, my mental agility has lost some of its frothy texture and tangy bite. So I won't write much now.

But keep posted.

In good news, my play, Sequins for Satan, shall be enjoying a triumphant return to the New York Stage as part of the new theater series at Galapagos! We open February 3rd, with the original cast and then some. Plus new songs and dances. Rejoice, for He has come!

I expect to see you all there. Even if you saw it already. Because remember this about my plays--medical studies have shown them to drastically retard the spread and metastization of various forms of cancer.

The collected works of Rachel Shukert: you don't have to have cancer, but it helps.

I have a strange bruise on my breast I am convinced is a sign of leukemia. I don't remember where it came from. It might have been from flailing wildly against the toilet bowl as I vomited pieces of herring last Friday, but I couldn't say.


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