Thursday, October 27, 2005

So here's what someone on the web has to say about my sunny half-sister Tina Dreamworld.

"Tina Dream World is a Far East dream shop for the lady that wants just that little extra. Payable elegant evening dresses descanted from India, mostly manufactured by hand, finished pearls and brilliants, everything is available in big sizes. But Tina Dream World is absolutely not a traditional sari shop – the collection is for everybody who is in for chic and glamour."

This person is not a native English speaker.

Tina Dreamworld and Tina Hellhole are half-sisters. Tina Hellhole's mother is Liza Minelli, and Tina Dreamworld's mother was Karen Carpenter. We aren't sure who our father was, but we have it narrowed down to three: Truman Capote, Ed Koch, or Fidel Castro. They're all dead now, except for Koch and Castro. As yet, none have consented to a paternity test, except poor Truman, but when they extracted human tissue from his remains, the alcohol/drug content was so high as to render it unusable.

Here is a picture of Tina Dreamworld:

Here is a picture of Tina Hellhole, aged seven, enjoying a refreshing beverage with Auntie Joan and Uncle Spiro:

Here is Tina Hellhole today:

Tina Hellhole and Tina Dreamworld are also the lead singers of The Autists, a band that is about to change everything. Check here for more details, at the Bushwick Hotel, their official hospitality and prostitution venue.
The Autists love the Bushwick Hotel!


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