Monday, September 12, 2005

So, this Friday, we embark to the Ha of Oma to STAR in the Omaha Lit Fest!

I shall read, and a play of mine shall be read. It's very exciting. What SHALL I WEAR?

If you happen to be hurdling around the Midwest, looking for a good time, come on down!

Also, my two chapbooks, "Kitschmenschen" and "When I am Poor" are ready to go. Would you like one? For the low price of seven American dollars, 20 minutes of pure poetic joy can be yours.

Check out my profile and e-mail me, should this be something you cannot live without.

Busy, busy, busy!


Blogger daveerickson8140 said...

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Blogger JWG said...

yes, I want one.

jimgoar at yahoo dot com

7:32 AM  

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