Thursday, September 01, 2005

If there are any among you who have not yet seen me take my clothes off (and I imagine that number to be relatively few) I shall be dishabilling in style at the "Galapagos Monday Burlesque Night"

Monday, September 5
N.6th between Berry and Wythe in the burg of William.

I expect I shall be the least naked of those performing. I don't drink scotch in the summers. However, this leads us to our next order of business, THE FABULOUS NAKED CHALLENGE.

To which song shall I gratuitiously expose my flesh for the titillation of German tourists and middle-aged lesbians that comprise the bulk of this audience? Thoughts?

Also, if you come, and clap loud enough for me, I can win money. Thus, I alone have filled the empty threat made by generations of women in my family (or at least one, that I know of, and it isn't me)--"If you don't pay for ______, I'll just run off and become a stripper!"

And so the prophecy comes to pass. And so, I die.


Blogger Jerm Pollet said...

You should bring this show on tour! I can help you get a gig in Austin for sure!

3:27 PM  

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