Friday, August 26, 2005

Outside of Key Foods in Greenpoint, a leathery Polish man stood talking to his leathery friend in Polish as he clutched the rack that keeps you from stealing grocery carts with one weathered, meaty hand. In the fingertips of his free hand, a half-lit cigarette wobbled, spilling bits of ash to the ground with each tiny quaver. The odor of stale alcohol and unwashed flesh nearly put me off my Diet Snapple Pink Lemonade.

The Polish man wore a snug T-shirt, royal blue, the sleeves tight around his fleshy upper arms. Emblazoned across his barrel-like torso was the slogan "Everybody loves a Jewish girl."

Many questions are raised by this, questions that are best left to the ages. However, should you have any tattoos of "Hindu" or "Tibetan" symbols or such, I would do some serious research. Clearly, we can not always be trusted to know what we wear. What you think means "destiny" or "spirit" might really mean "fag" or "semen-muncher."

In the words of Eric McCormack, Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander, Magic Johnson, and others:

"The More You Know..."


Blogger Jerm Pollet said...

I didn't know Ray Ramano was a Jewish girl! Actually, everybody loves Polish sausage. At least I do.

5:12 PM  

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